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What is a wireframe? #

A wireframe is a concept of designing a website or an application in a structural way. Wireframing a website should involve the customer journey within that interface and purely solve the user’s problem. The wireframe is done as starting the process before adding up the visual design and the content to the website.

Why you should consider doing a wireframe before you start designing a website? #

One major advantage of doing a wireframe is we get early visual which could be easy to review. Most of the time a small web design projects start over from a scratch which usually considers a pre-built template or a reference design, however, if your business involves a unique customer journey and requires detailing in the way the user behaves with your website you should consider doing a wireframe. beyond all the reason considering a wireframe design will save your time and money.

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Disadvantage of Wireframe #

A wireframe without a subjective visual design will lead to confusion, as the wireframe itself doesn’t include any design instead it represents the functional or behavioral element where the user journey begins and end. As a result, it is not much easy for a client to grasp the outcome of the wireframe. The designer should translate the user-interface wireframe into a visual design. So this would help while communicating in a business aspect.

Why you should consider Skyrocket as your specialist in doing your wireframe? #

Skyrocket has done more than 50+ wireframe mockups with visual design drafting for our clients, to make it easier to understand we also make a prototype web design with a frontend framework like bootstrap or foundation elements in order to help the clients perspective in understanding how the interface work. It doesn’t stop us there, we cater to develop a functional theme or template for any of the major content-management-systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Open Cart,. etc,… While associating with Skyrocket you will get a clear idea of which platform to choose for your web development project.

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