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What is a Web and Mobile Design? #

Web design refers to the designing of a website that is placed over the internet. The web pages designed is normally designed for larger device screen which is usually a desktop or laptop computers. In the modern age, mobile design is the most important strategy to keep the customer engaged in smaller devices. India holds 500 million internet users from where 80% of the users browse the internet using the mobile phone. In total 52.2% of world traffic was hit by mobile phone users.

Responsive Web Design Vs Mobile Design #

Responsive web design is something that automatically breaks the large screen layout and adapted to the smaller screen. Here the information and functions designed for the larger screen still appear in the same way as it comes to the smaller devices. However the design nicely fits the screen size, the user will be either get distracted by the longer content flow this will bounce the engagement to the page.

This is where the Mobile design takes an action. with the help of mobile design, we create a different layout and user interaction design specifically for smaller devices. The concept behind the mobile design is a simple, elegant, and minimal version of the desktop or large screen layout.

8 rules for Mobile Design UI #

These are the most important principles when it comes to Mobile UI Design

  1. Simple Navigation
  2. Large Touch Area
  3. Reduce Clutter
  4. Display Large Text
  5. Use Touch Controls
  6. Use Simple Forms
  7. Thumb Positions
  8. Design Consistent experience

Simple Navigation: #

The navigation element in the mobile app or mobile website should be simple so that the user finds it easy-to-use. According to the mobile user’s behavior, the navigational element should help them navigate an item to and forth within the same window. Opening a new window or time delay in load will lead to an increase in bounce rate

Large Touch Area: #

Keeping the controls easy to touch is another betterment for the mobile design websites or apps, the smaller controls will annoy your website user and make them leave the website.

Reduce Clutter: #

In case Mobile web design reducing the clutter plays a vital role, It is nothing but keeping your information short and precise. keep only detailed items in an organized manner and have enough breathing space.

Display Large Text: #

Choosing the Font and size on the mobile screen really matters. when the visual area gets decreased it’s should carry enough font size for better accessibility.

Use Touch Controls: #

On Mobile, the touch controls elements are way different from the normal web interface element. to make engageable mobile websites or apps you need to make use of the mobile touch controls.

Use Simple Forms: #

Keep simpler forms to make user interaction comfortable. replace the text input with minimal form controls.

Design Consistent Experience: #

If your website or app present on both web and mobile present a consistent experience to the user by minimalising the content on your app or mobile website.

What do you get from Skyrocket Indian on Web & Mobile Device? #

At Skyrocket India, we have expertise in designing a better user-interface design for web-based apps and websites that serves on mobile. Here we also specialize in implementing progressive web apps and accelerated mobile pages for smaller screens. Contact us now to get your custom application build today.

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