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The future of Web Design and Development #

Web design and Development becoming more powerful and stable nowadays as their demand and usage increase day-to-day. Every business knows that it needs a website to takes its service or product online.

19% of small business owners who currently don’t have a website believe that their business would grow 25% in 3 years or less with the help of a website.
(Source: WPForms)

With the advancement in web technologies, businesses around the world are keep on upgrading their platform and designing outstanding websites to boost their online presence. The Future of web design and development is evolving with the advancement in Artificial Intelligence ( The Grid announced the AI-powered website builder: see more for latest news ), Virtual reality, IoT, Voice Commands, 360 Degree Video, motion user interface, and much more.

How fast a web design can be done? #

In older days web design requires the coding of the web pages and styling the design element, for functional areas it requires more backend coding and scripting for making interactive frontend. Nowadays it is quicker and easier to do a thing with page builders and ready-made module-based solutions. Skyrocket builds a website in complete agile methodology that chooses rapid workaround in all segments starting from wireframing to a fully finished website. We always believe in minimum viable product concept in building any of the online solutions that helped our customer’s goal in a much-predicted way.

What are the type of solutions we offer in web design and development? #

Skyrocket offers almost A-Z solutions when it comes to web design and development. we have good expertise in designing a content-based, eCommerce, fully functional with the more user-interaction website. We have offered web design and development solutions in a wide range of business specifications like Corporate business, Non-profit, Blog, Crowdfunding, SaaS, Education, Online Communities, Portfolio, Job Board, Brochure, Entertainment, Podcast, Wedding, Portal, Wiki/Knowledge.

What are the technologies we are specialized with? #

Our team of engineering has a passion towards learn and re-learning things to keep them and the client upgraded. At the present, we have a team of developers who could handle the latest web technologies like Angular, React, PHP, jQuery, and much more they also have 10+ years of experience in handling CMS technologies like WordPress, Magento 1 & 2, and frameworks such as CakePHP, Codeigniter, and Laravel. We have also implemented 100+ API integrations and build custom solutions for CRM and ERP.

Who can be benefitted from our service? #

We provide our best-in-class services from a small startup to mid-sized corporates, and even a few of the enterprise solutions which we could afford. We are providing many offers for web design and digital marketing during the covid season to help businesses to make their product and services online. Contact Skyrocket and get your quote done.

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