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UX UI Design

What is UX UI Design? #

UX stands for User-Experience while UI stands for User-interface Design. User experience and an Interface design commonly developed at the start of a web or application development process. This will help to simplify the user interaction with the application or the web pages where it was later created to a visual design for a representation.

A Wireframe is either sketched on a notebook or by using software tools (Adobe XD, wireframe.cc) as per the client’s product specification and user behavior. the later part is then converted into a visual design to keep it as a supporting document that way it makes clearer interaction.

How we specialize in UX? #

In Specific to UX and UI Design, we create layout architecture for website interfaces, web application portals, sales monitoring portals, ERP/ CRM management portals, mobile app, and much more. We provide services in eCommerce, Softwares, Schools, Enterprise solutions, Hospitals, Industries, Law firms, and Business Associates segments. Get your custom UI UX Design created by Skyrocket India and enrich your online business with a stunning website or app.

Does every project require a UX / UI? #

No, not all the project requires a UX/UI unless it is customer-centric product or services which has lot more things to do online or in-app, however, few clients require a wireframe who doesn’t like to go with pre-built template design or themes in order to bring the outcome which they have it in their mind, In such specific, we should draft a wireframe and create visual art. So it entirely depends on the scale of projects and budget. At Skyrocket, you get a budget scheme on every service we offer and it is more transparent and clear. Our friendly team assist you on nook and corner of the project to make it a success.

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