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Strategy & Planning

Why you need an Effective Strategy and Planning? #

A strategy outlines your business goals and sets measurable objectives for the desired outcomes. An effective planning and strategy will help us to

  1. Increase branding and  Awareness
  2. Increase Exposure to generate traffic, Leads and sales
  3. Improves Online Search ranking
  4. Develops Loyal Fans
  5. Grows Customer Base

How Skyrocket India Develop You Social Media Strategy? #

We first create Social media marketing Objectives and Goals. The first step is to establish the goals and objectives you want to achieve. A key component of setting effective goals is determining what metrics you’ll use to measure them.

We then conduct your current social media audit to understand your current active social networks, competitor analysis, which platforms your target audience on. We will delete some of your accounts because it is better to maximize your presence on fewer channels than to be scattered on all channels.

Next step involves understanding and narrow down your ideal customer through demographics and other targeting details. For example, if your interior designing company’s target is house owners, that is little too broad. There will be more success if we target them as  lives in Kerala, is between 25-50 years of age, and interest in home décor etc..

We then create engaging and high-quality content. We will create content calendar outlining how often we will post, what networks that post will go on, what time we will post, and that topics we will post about.

Last but not least we will track and optimize as moving forward. Trial and error will be your be our best friend when it comes to analyzing data and making tweaks.

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