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Progressive Web Apps

What are Progressive Web Apps? #

PWA Stands for Progressive Web Apps is a type of application software delivered through the web. It bridges the gap between the user-experience in web and native application. PWA doesn’t require a digital distribution system like Apple’s app store or google play store it can be installed like any other app by just visiting the application link on any browser. PWA triggers add to the home screen on mobile and install promotion banner on a desktop browser.

Does it is a mandate to have PWA features? #

It completely depends on the situation of the business. We at Skyrocket have a professional pre-analysis team to go through your business process and guide you through which the latest technologies can be adapted to your business. By including the PWA feature your website or web application add ups the feature to withstand content deliveries on an unstable network.

If you have an eCommerce web store then it is mandated to upgrade your store with PWA which automatically increases the customer experience and engagement.

If you are a WordPress owner then it is easy to upgrade your website with the PWA feature with the free module, but it is difficult to keep your website look compatible with your existing version. Skyrocket provides the PWA compatible face-lifting for your WordPress eCommerce or website at an affordable price.

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