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Offshore Software Outsourcing

What is Offshore Software Outsourcing? #

Offshore Software Outsourcing is a process of allocating your software development to overseas companies. Offshore Software Outsourcing will reduce your development cost with minimal risk. It provides the businesses the hassle-free benefits of custom-built web application software, website design, and development.

With the help of Offshore Software Outsourcing, you have access to unlimited talents, develop new competencies, reduce the cost, and work 24/7.

What is the expertise we handle? #

Skyrocket helps companies and businesses in supporting ongoing web projects, website development, eCommerce websites, CRM, and ERP solutions like Odoo. We have a team of software developers who are well expertise in handling programming languages such as PHP, JAVA, and Python.

The team also specialized in developing and maintaining Magento 1 & 2, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal, and WordPress other than that we also have sound knowledge in handling framework-based web applications development using Laravel, CodeIgnitor, and CakePHP.

We are not only limited to these technologies we are still learning new curves in web development and mobile application development in accordance with the newer projects.

We handle the projects with Agile methodology and deliver the projects on time. We also have on-premises development infrastructure including a hosting environment to develop, test and deploy applications. we use the static IP address to provide secure access. Our inventory has 100+ premium tools for the rapid web development process.

We have a long run experience handling clients from various countries like Australia, UAE, and United States. If you are looking for any kind of web development and software development please feel free to send us your inquiry here.

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