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LinkedIn Marketing

What is LinkedIn Marketing? #

LinkedIn is a professional platform to improve a brand visibility so that people who want to collaborate with you can have a look at your professional activities. You can grow your networks and business too by having a proper LinkedIn Marketing strategy. You can find highly targeted customers and grow the email list. LinkedIn connects businesses to businesses. It is the most exponential professional network and executes the B2B social network. It is used to increase your brand awareness amongst other brands.

How can I start online advertising on LinkedIn? #

After selecting your account, you need to choose, Create Campaign Button. Start typing the “name”, for your campaign and further then, configure your text advertisement. After this, it’s all about, creating an impactful profile, by adding a picture, 75 character long description and headline. You can also direct the visitors to your page.

What does sponsored content on LinkedIn Mean? #

A sponsored content is not made to display on the company page. Its sole purpose is amplifying the positive image of your company with the help of a skilled content. The best thing is, it does not clutter the company’s chief website.

How can I use the LinkedIn to promote my business and connect to the potential audience? #

  • Get a company profile created.
  • Make the use of LinkedIn Polls.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Get involved with the groups.
  • Leave a Status Update.
  • Make the Advertisements.

How can I register my company on LinkedIn? #

Select the Interests and Companies from the homepage. After selecting the “Create” button, choose the “Create a Company Page Box” option. After selecting company’s official page, choose the “Company name”.

Can you differentiate a LinkedIn company page and a LinkedIn Group? #

Groups are the places of discussions and the same thing is with the LinkedIn group. There are lots of things discussed and opinions are shared in LinkedIn groups. You can tell everyone about your events and activities. The company page is means of engagement with your customers and sharing information, a piece of content and any news.

Are marketing and advertising the same? #

No, they are different terms and closely linked with each other. Marketing is about creating brand value for customers, owners and other business dealers. Advertising is about promoting your product and services. Advertising is also used to communicate with your audience directly and to showcase your services. Advertising has traces of marketing.

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