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Instagram Optimization

What is Instagram Optimization? #

As social media marketer we focus on developing a strategy that engages the target audience. We take immense effort to create an Instagram profile that successfully captures the attention of target audience members. By following our tips below, social media marketers can optimize an Instagram profile to drive meaningful business outcomes.

10 Tips to Optimize Your Instagram #

  1. Create Instagram Business Account  : Unlike personal accounts, Business accounts provide users with analytics related to post performance and follower growth.
  2. Profile Tracking Link : Many make a mistake by using a non-tracking link in their Instagram account profile. If the link cannot be tracked, it’s impossible to know how many website visitors or customers were referred from Instagram.
  3. Usage of Multi-Grid Images : Marketers should design a profile that makes a statement. This can be done by creating a multi-grid collage that forms a comprehensible image.
  4. Invest in a powerful Instagram analytics solution : To understand whether your Instagram strategy is working or not using basic information that provides by Instagram business account is limited. But for understanding the performance of the tracking link in Instagram bio or which posts resonate most among followers and pin pointing the ideal time for the new post can be done only through third party analytics solution.
  5. A/B Test your Instagram Bio : The best way to understand if your bio is effective is via an A/B test. To do that you should select a dependable variable that is measurable. One popular dependent variable is tracking link URL clicks.
  6. Develop Quality Of Followers Rather Than Quantity : Social media marketers should focus on developing a strategy that engages the target audience rather than boosting the numbers of followers just to project an air of credibility.
  7. Build a Content Calendar : Instagram content is easy to see every post back month’s or years. Marketers should keep this in mind and develop a thoughtful sequence of content to create a profile that put across a brand’s vision.
  8. Activate Instagram Notifications : Showing Instagram users that your brand is always available is a great way to increase brand engagement.
  9. Choose an appropriate handle : If you are creating a fresh Instagram profile, take the time to find the ideal Instagram handle. Using a handle that is on-brand is the best way to quickly build a loyal following.
  10. Monitor And Respond Immediately Through Messaging Channels : Since Instagram business account allows customer to contact the brands with the touch of a button, customer service request can come at any hour of the day

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