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What are the latest trends in eCommerce Solutions? #

During the pandemic situation, most of the in-store visits rapidly decreased while the online store traffic increased, Most of the businesses started their eCommerce store as an alternative. But on the other part, the competitor of the business will also increase rapidly. The Customer will leave your online shop if you won’t keep it more comfortable to access.

The top 10 trends to be considered when you build an online shop #

  1. Enrich your online store: Keeping your eCommerce store up to date with the latest technology trend and robust is quite challenging. But it will bring more conversion to your product sale. keep personalizing your website as per your product goal, simplify your search and filtering options. make use of the Augmented reality for product information which will increase the conversion rate, For example, If your store sells branded apparel then keep interactive size charts. instant chat is must needed option on all the sales pages to keep customers engaged.
  2. Do your audience research regularly: Use tools that create user insight based on heatmaps and frequent analysis of the customer behavior regularly. keeping survey forms, making the visitor subscribing to your newsletter will increase the returning customer with proper goals. It is more important to understand the customer behavior as it changes rapidly and it is the biggest challenge that keeps your store more sophisticated for them
  3. Bring Instore Experience: Nowadays AR/VR plays a vital role in customer experience and that is why you need to keep your product page relevant to your in-store. Product explanation videos are must-go options.
  4. Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs help your business with repeated customers, create personalized loyalty programs and promotional coupons to keep your customer engaged by omnichannel marketing. Make use of your customer purchase history speaks for you. Keep tracking of the customer’s purchase behavior and preference and reward with points.
  5. Connect with Social Commerce: Connecting your eCommerce with Facebook shopping or any other social commerce platform will double up your online presence. Sell across any platform and channels, and connect with the customer where they spend most part of the time.
  6. Make use of multiple payment options: Keeping a multiple payments facility in your store will reduce the abandoned cart, making use of digital wallets, installment options will also help customers to have seamless shopping.
  7. Optimize your store UX: Keep your store clean and make it digitally minimalized, with better UX your store will handle consistent business. optimize your hosting and performance then and there to enrich and keep the store live every time.
  8. Creative advertising strategy: Advertising your product should be more creative and more engaging. It should grab the attention of the user and bring it to your store.
  9. Performance Optimization: Optimise your store’s performance by considering your visitor’s analytics dashboard periodically, keep your page load instant or your visitor leave it for no reason.
  10. Adapt to new technologies: There are a lot of newer technologies developed each and every day. In eCommerce, the “Headless Commerce” will be the newer trend that makes your shopping cart behave like an app using react and vue.js. turn your storefront into a progressive web app to boost the performance of your store.

What are the benefits you get when you approach us? #

Skyrocket specializes in varieties of eCommerce development platforms like wooCommerce, Magento 1 & 2, Prestashop, and open cart. we also have hands-on experience on cloud-based eCommerce facilities like Shopify and BigCommerce. we provide end-to-end consultation on eCommerce service with our dedicated consultant to review your existing store or for the one which you’re about to start. Feel free to contact us and we are very much happy to help you.

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