Horeb eCommerce

Customer Experience

What is Customer Experience? #

Customer Experience is also known as CX, which is the Key Performance Indicator of your product. The way in which the customer behaves with your website and app determines your business performance. As the customer always remains to be king in any business it is important to keep them sophisticated when they arrive at your business point. The Customer Experience in a website or a mobile app is determined by the work-flow which you designated for your user. the more simple you keep the more engagement you create.

How can we monitor the Customer Experience on your website? #

Putting the google tracking code or Facebook pixel brings you a detailed analysis of the visitor count, bounce rate, and conversion rates on your website page. It is usually determined by the time to spend by the visitor on the page. But how you can analyze the reason for which the user left the website in a shorter time? this is where we record the user experience. It is usually analyzed by the heatmaps, feedback forms, reviews, and survey points.

Our team of engineers spends crucial time analyzing the reason behind each bounce rate and fix to make the customer experience smoother.

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