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Bug Fixes and Maintenance

What are Bug Fixes and Maintenance? #

Regular maintenance of the website or web applications is mandatory in today’s time. Finding the bug and fixing it immediately keeps your website away from hackers and other issues. CMS like WordPress is more vulnerable and requires regular checkups and updates while keeping your site online.

In 2019, over 56% of all CMS applications were out of date when hacks happened.

(Source: Sucuri)

It’s not only limited to WordPress but has been extended to any sort of open source web applications and even depends on web programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, etc,..

How to Keep your website safe? #

Regularly updating the software will keep your website safer, however, it dramatically depends on how you code your website. Keeping the coding standard up to date when developing custom applications is quite challenging. Finding the right developer to develop and maintain your website is a tougher job.

Skyrocket has a wide range of web developers from WordPress, Magento, CodeIgnitor, Laravel, and many other specifications. we provide full management for all web hosting software and applications we provide.

Skyrocket also provides consultation for premium services like Succuri security and WorkFence for WordPress websites. Contact us today and get your website safeguarded with our annual maintenance contract at the lowest and affordable cost.

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