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Analytics & Tracking

What is Social Media Analytics? #

Analytics is nothing but analyzing your content and its performance, there is no way to improve your results without understanding whether they are good or bad. Every social media analytics aims to provide definite answers to some questions such as

  1. ROI you are bringing in with each campaign or posts on different social channels
  2. What is your audience expects and needs from your content and messaging?
  3. How is your strategy perceived in comparison to your competitors?
  4. Is your strategy working?

All social media marketers need a data driven road map to go ahead so they know where to go and what to do – this is what every social media analytics solution provides.

Top Benefits of Social Media Analytics & Tracking #

  1. Measure and improve ROI and marketing impacts.
  2. Make better strategic and business decisions.
  3. Compare your social media performance against competitors
  4. Track Marketing teams efficiency

We Skyrocket India introduced all in one dashboard for social media analytics in such a way that every single social channels can be synchronized, monitored and tracked under one roof. This will help us to provide accurate information to our clients and tweak our strategy if required as per the data analysis.

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