Horeb eCommerce

Ad Setup & Management

What is Ad setup and Management Services? #

Before setting up an advertisement we will define your advertising goals. We use SMART method to define your goals better. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-oriented and Time-bound Goals.

The next step in your ad setup is to decide what we will promote? It can be your product, service, your brand promotion or something else. What we promote must line up with your goals.

We then identify your target audience in terms of their age, interest, demographic etc..

We then determine where to find your target audience it might be through google AdWords or social media marketing.

Some type of advertisement can be launched immediately. Others required advance planning. So we choose your campaign timing carefully.

We create custom advertising content and graphics that will drive more traffic to your advertisement. We can expect more conversion ratio on these advertisements

We deeply measure all the results fetched from all campaigns. For example AdWords are easy to measure because the data is automatically collected. For instance we can calculate click through and identify how many converted into online sales or leads.

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