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Accelerated Mobile Pages

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages? #

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are HTML frameworks developed by the AMP Open Source Project. It was originally created by Google as a competitor to Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. By using the feature the webpages are optimized to load faster and provide enhanced mobile web browsing. AMP pages are cached by CDN which allows pages to serve quickly.

What are the advantages of using AMP? #

The primary advantage of using the AMP is it helps to load the pages very fast for the mobile user, reduces the load time, low bounce rate, adjustable on any browser, mobile-friendly, and enhanced SEO.

Why you should use AMP for your website projects? #

AMP will help you boost your website traffic, there is a chance of higher ad viewability as it loads fasters on mobile devices and enhances the usability of the banner. Amp will reduce the load time of heavy content page with accuracy, So, if you are website has a market-specific blog can adopt to AMP version to get an optimized result. There is an assured low-bounce rate compared with normal web pages, AMP powered website loads in rapid fast which effectively lower the bounce rate. Another primary benefit of the AMP is optimized data consumption the end-user data is consumption is low when compared to a normal website. The AMP-powered website doesn’t require an XML sitemap which is automatically fetched by Google.

Does your website need AMP? #

Back in 2017, the project team has announced that AMP was used on 900K domains and over 2 billion pages. In 2018, the numbers have grown to 31 million domains and over 5 billion pages. Strangely enough, the team has given no such update in 2019, which would normally mean that the numbers have stopped being impressive.

Source: SEO power suite

Before we answer whether your website requires an AMP update, we will explain why you should consider using the feature. It purely depends on the business factor and that is why we would like to point out the key factor why should your website have AMP. As we already mentioned in the above phrase it will help your mobile-specific SEO, however, it is not essential, or using AMP only will not save all SEO factors.

If your website contains a lot of content information and it requires more online presence on the mobile then it is required to have AMP integrated into your website. If your business has affiliate advertisement on the content pages or requires a sales landing page for a specific audience then upgrading an AMP page will help you get more traffic to your site by lowering the bounce rate. AMP stories are recent development which showcased like Snapchat or Instagram stories on the SERP in relation to search criteria will bring more attention to your website


How Does Skyrocket Help you fixing AMP integration? #

Skyrocket has been experienced in using the AMP features for a few of our client websites, this helped them to leverage the web traffic with low bounce rate and high sales targeted conversion while doing on or off-page SEO and Facebook marketing. checkout our latest AMP development for our client Sound Engineering Academy, India.

If you require your WordPress powered or any website to turn into an AMP powered website contact us and get a quote for your project

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